Primeval – Series 5, Episode 1

And it’s back! Admittedly not everyone can see it yet, but I won’t let that stop me babbling a bit about one of my favourite things on TV that isn’t actually Doctor Who.

Rather than do the plot summary thing, I’ll just touch on a few points.

Philip is really working on the “sinister” thing. So much so that he’s being considered for a knighthood, which led to some comedy from James Lester, who assumed he was the one being vetted for the honour, which is a bit odd, because I’m as sure as I can be without watching a lot of old episodes on DVD that he already had one. But maybe that was in the first series timeline before things started getting confused.  :dizzy:

Connor has been provided with an assistant (female and really impressed with Connor, which is really working well for Abby) to help him work on the secret stuff for Philip, who finally reveals what he’s up to – using the strange sparkly things anomalies[1] as a humanity-saving power source, which sounds like just the kind of thing that’s likely to lead to devastation, destruction, plagues of giant insects and the future that Matt comes from and would really like to prevent.

Talking of Matt, he confides in Abby after she realises that he recognises the giant insects that have popped up from the network of tunnels they’ve managed to build after coming through some strange sparkly thing anomaly that nobody noticed at the time.

There was the usual bit of one of the team being trapped in deadly danger (it’s Connor this time), some big bangs and nicely nasty creatures.

So yes, it was proper Primeval, carrying on as before with all the stuff we’ve come to love.  :bouncy: :bouncy:

For those of you who can’t get Watch, you’ll be able to see this series on ITV later in the year.

[1] I may have promised not to do that any more. I lied.  :rofl: