Doctor Who – Big Stuff Coming

Oooooookay, this is sounding interesting. Lots of stuff is being slowly revealed about what’s coming up as we approach the mid-series break thingy.

It seems that the current two-parter is actually going to be more of a prelude to A Good Man Goes To War than we might have expected. Something, and we’re carefully not being told what, big is going to happen, which will have major consequences and set things up for the cliff-hanging major madness that will follow a week later. I’ll be maintaining my usual policy of avoiding any spoilers, of course.

But what we are being officially told is that the semi-finale[1] will include Cybermen  :bouncy: , Silurians  :bouncy: , and in the latest revelation, Sontarans  :bouncy: . A this rate, by next Friday, we’ll be expecting Zygons, Tereleptils, Draconians, Ice Warriors and Dominators. But not Daleks, because that would be too obvious.

And we should learn at least some of the truth about River Song…

[1] Can I call it that? No? Well, I’m going to anyway