Doctor Who – The Almost People

Ooooooookay. Now that was nicely fun, and delightfully confusing.

Lots of fun with two Doctors, vengeful duplicates, boiling acid, and all the usual fun and games, and a Big Fat Twist at the end that goes some way towards explaining one of the Odd Things that’s been happening this series. And opens up a whole jumbo-sized can of wibbly-wobbly questions. Err, do questions come in cans? Can they?

Yes, I’m keeping this spoiler-free, and I’ll probably do a proper post after next week’s episode, which is probably going to be even more confusing, and is more than likely going to end on a massive cliffhanger that will keep us all wondering and speculating for a couple of months.


There’s a little prequel video clip available on the BBC website. Best not to watch it if you haven’t already seen The Almost People. Trust me on that.

Prequel to A Good Man Goes To War

Don’t make him angry…

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