Making WordPress Tweakage Easier

I mentioned a while ago that I’d added some stuff into my theme’s functions.php file to save my copying and pasting the titles of images when I upload them.[1] And before that, I mentioned adding styles to the drop down thingy in the post editor.[2]

And last year, I did some nifty tweakage to make the rich text editor behave[3][4].

All good fun, and all things that make it easier for me to post lots of stuff to keep the millions[5] of regular[6] readers happy. But because all this stuff was living in a file inside my theme, it meant that if I ever want to change my theme, I have to create a new functions.php file in a child theme, or make a mess of the theme’s own functions.php file, which would break if I downloaded a new version of the theme, which would not be good at all.

But there’s an easier way. Pretty much anything that goes in a functions.php file can be put into a plugin. And this article was all I needed to show me how. Worth a look if you like to fiddle with WordPress.

How to create your own WordPress functionality plugin | WPCandy.

I also took the opportunity to roll in some very basic plugins into a single “functionality” plugin. Works for me, anyway…

[1] Another little annoyance fixed
[2] Showing off…
[3] A small tweak
[4] The Case of the Disappearing Strikethrough Tags
[5] Possible exaggeration
[6] And the irregular ones, too