Another bit of tweakage complete

Well, that was fun, in much the same way as something that isn’t fun at all is fun. Having fixed all the borked Flickr posts, I found that I still had a bit of a Flickry issue with some posts.

I’d used a variety of methods to post images from Flickr to Losing it[1] over a period of about five years, which left some of them with teeny tiny ickle thumbnails at top left, some with moderate sized pictures and a general lack of consistency. And of course the little matter that if anyone wanted to see a bigger version of the picture, they’d have to leave here and go to Flickr. Not that there’s anything wrong with going to Flickr, you understand, but it’s a bit easier to keep things here if I can.

So I did another one of those database search things, got myself a list of posts and spent much of this afternoon in what should be the last major editing session that I’ll need to do. It was a good opportunity to replace small thumbnails with much bigger images that fit the current layout better.

Did I mention that I also went through all the posts with YouTube videos so they don’t need to use the plugin I’d been using? No? Well, I did. And even found alternatives where I could for videos that have been pulled or had embedding disabled. I’m either dedicated or crazy. Or both.  :dizzy:

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