May 2011 Round-up

What? Another month has slipped by? How did that happen? Well, however it happened, it means it’s time for another in the exciting[1] series of monthly report thingies.


More ups than downs this month, with some quite big ups here and there

May 1: 228.6 pounds (16 stone 4.6 pounds, 103.7 kg)
May 31: 230.2 pounds (16 stone 6.2 pounds, 104.4 kg)

Difference: a quite noticeable rise of 1.6 pounds (0.7kg). Ooops, should do better, etc.


Curse your sausage rolls! They keep leading me astray!


Once again, a major failure to walk to work. But including a couple of awaydays early in the month, I have managed a greater number of other walks. Still need to do more, though.


Assuming I don’t decide to post anything else tonight, the total for May will be 92, which is the most since July 2009.


Lots more pictures taken this month. Over 600 added to Lightroom, some of which have appeared here, and more will follow. I also did more tweaking and twiddling of the website.

[1] If you’re very easily excited, that is