Classic Doctor Who Reanimated

Well, animated for the first time, really. It’s been announced that one of the partly missing classic stories, The Reign of Terror, is to have its missing episodes recreated in animated form. This was done quite nicely in 2006 for the Patrick Troughton story, The Invasion, but it seems that didn’t sell quite enough copies to encourage the restoration of more stories in this way. But as the number of stories to be released is dwindling quite rapidly, it seems that minds have been changed.

It would be nice if all the missing stories could be brought back in this way, but that would probably cost a lot, and unless there is some video or on-set photographs to work from, the animation would be largely guess-work. So I guess we’ll probably have to settle for the audio versions for the most part.

The Doctor Who News Page: The Reign Of Terror episodes to be animated.

[1] I must get round to talking about the Lost TV Episodes audio thingies at some point