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Weight and Stuff Report – 3 June 2011

Up again. Mutter.

Still, never mind. Here’s another picture from Tuesday’s little trip, which I’ll report on properly over the weekend. It’s our old friend the Vampire Bunny, a little closer than I’ve shown him previously.

Vampire Bunny

Vampire Bunny

NetNewsWire has a new home at Black Pixel

I first mentioned NetNewsWire in the early days of my Macification, back in 2008, and got slightly irritated when some changes were made to its operation a year or so later. Well, since then the Google syncing thing has worked fine, and it’s sometimes been handy to be able to use Google Reader in a web browser at work to add feeds, or catch up on something important, safe in the knowledge that when I get home my Macs will know what I’ve been doing. Err, hold on, that makes it sound like they’re stalking me, and I’m reasonably certain that they’re not actually doing that. What I mean is that things I read in one place will be marked as read in all the others, which is the way I like it. If only I had a non-annoying Twitter client that would do the same…

Anyway, in the quite a lot of years that NetNewsWire has been around, it’s been the work of one man – Brent Simmons. Brent’s taken it from the Mac to the iPhone and iPad, and generally done Good Things. But he’s come to the conclusion that developing it further is no longer a one-man job, and he’s decided that the best way forward is to pass it on to other developers.

And so NetNewsWire will now be developed by Black Pixel. I don’t know much about them, but it would appear that they’re hoopy froods – they have an iOS app for splitting restaurant bills which they have quite sensibly named Bistromath, and if the screenshot on their site is anything to go by, they have some interesting dining companions…

Anyway, they’re promising to keep developing for Mac OS X, with a particular focus on the now quite imminent Lion, and will continue to improve the iOS versions. This quote from Black Pixel’s Daniel Pasco is not just reassuring, but possibly even inspiring:

For many of us, NetNewsWire was the inspiration to quit our jobs, get serious about learning Objective-C, and go indie. The fact that we have the opportunity to become a part of its story is a dream come true.

Apparently more will be announced after next week’s WWDC. All looks good so far…

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