Doctor Who – Stand By!

OK, the mid-series finale is about half an hour away, and at least some of the mysteries should be cleared up soon.

We will find out who River Song actually is, but Steven Moffat has hinted that what we’ll find out may not be the whole answer we’ve been waiting for since she first appeared in that library three years ago. I’ve got a guess, but I’m keeping it to myself to avoid embarrassment.

From the various preview clips and trailers on the BBC site, we know some of what’s going to happen. The Doctor is going to rescue Amy, and he’s not coming alone.

But the rest is in the hands of Steven Moffat – expect the unexpected. And even then, you’re likely to be surprised.

Oh yeah, and one thing I am sure of – there’s going to be a monumental cliffhanger that will keep everyone guessing until September, when the second part of series six begins.