Weight and Stuff Report – 4 June 2011

Err, yeah, up again. Some sort of action might be needed.

Whatever action I take, it needs to be more effective than this:

Not really OK

Not really OK

The helpful sign at the bus stop, which is meant to tell people when the next bus is coming[1] seems to be in some kind of test mode which involves it stating that something called FC is apparently OK, rather than displaying anything actually useful.

[1] Though it often gets confused, deciding that a bus that hasn’t appeared yet has already gone, or that the next bus is twenty minutes away, causing people to say “sod that”, and start walking, only to see the bus shoot past them two minutes later. It may just be displaying what time the bus should arrive rather than doing anything clever like monitoring the actual progress of buses as they move around, which makes it no more useful than the printed timetable. And sometimes it helpfully displays the message “please use timetable”. And this footnote is getting far too long, so I suppose I’ll stop muttering about it now.