Newcastle Photographs – 31 May 2011

On Tuesday, I took my Canon 5D MkII and that new 70-200mm lens for a walk at lunchtime. I didn’t have an actual destination in mind, but Aaron[1] mentioned the castle keep, which is always a good venue, so I went there. Admission is now £4, but it’s worth it for the occasional visit – there are some good historical exhibits inside, and it’s a good example of a building of its kind – much adapted and restored over the centuries, with some silly bits added in the Victorian period. But for me, the main reason for a visit is to get up on the roof and enjoy the view. Once you’re up there, you can understand why the castle was originally built there – it occupies a superb commanding position with lines of sight along the river, and overlooking the position of the original river crossing, more or less on the site of the current Swing Bridge.

I got some pictures of the station, the site of a new hotel and some bridges. I spotted an interesting bit of roof structure, which I don’t recall having seen before[2]. I think it’s on the Theatre Royal, but I’d welcome any corrections on that. All that in the gallery below, where you can also see how the demolition of Tyne Bridge Tower is coming along.

After leaving the Keep, I walked past the Cathedral, paid a visit to the Vampire Bunny, and got some detail shots of buildings on Mosley Street and Grey Street.

Oh, and I’m sure the keep didn’t have so many stairs last time I went there. My knees were still moaning days afterwards…

[1] Hi Aaron!  :wave:
[2] Though with my memory, who knows…