The Somme Stations – Andrew Martin

Jim Stringer’s back, and he’s in more trouble than ever before. Well, that’s not unusual – in his previous adventures, most recently The Last Train to Scarbourough, it seems that somebody is always trying to kill him. Well, this time, it’s the whole German army trying to do the job, though in their case it’s nothing personal, they’re trying to kill everyone on his side. Yes, Jim has joined the army, it’s World War One, and as if the Germans weren’t enough, he’s got a problem that’s followed him from England, where one of his battalion was killed in slightly mysterious circumstances.

As usual, most of the story is related from Jim’s point of view, which means that he doesn’t always know what’s going on, and puts things together in his own time. Some key points are provided in letters written by his wife Lydia to a friend, which adds a certain something.

There’s a good mix of characters, a good mystery, and despite the horros of the trenches, written in Andrew Martin’s usual light style, which made this a quick and enjoyable read, just like the others in the series.

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