Readers with long memories, or a bizarre tendency to dip into the voluminous Losing it[1] archives[1] might vaguely recall me getting quite excited about something called “tags” at the  end of 2005. The idea was to smother each post in keywords, or tags, which would make it easier to find related posts.

Well, I did keep tagging things until quite recently, when it occurred to me that I was doing it wrong. I had used something over 600 different tags, many of which had been used precisely once[4], which made them a bit pointless. Then I realised that apart from having a tag cloud on show in the sidebar that I no longer have, I hadn’t actually had any means for visitors to use the tags, which meant that they were even more pointless. So when I found that rendering that honking big tag cloud stopped the otherwise well-behaved Cross-references plugin from working, I decided to kill them off altogether. It’s one less thing to think of when I’m typing posts, and as I’ve trimmed categories down to a General one for pretty much everything and a Gallery one for, err, galleries[5], it’s all a lot simpler. I find the Search box at the top of the page[6] is a quicker and easier way to find individual posts on the site, or for that matter using Google[7] with the useful


value does the job quite nicely too.

More changes may follow…

[1] Hint: the calendar thingy at the bottom of the page[2], or the Sitemap, which you will find under the About thingy in the menu at the top of the page[3] will lead you to the full horror…
[2] Assuming I haven’t redesigned the site again before you’ve got round to reading this
[3] Assuming much the same as the previous footnote
[4] Some of those were only used once because they were typos. Transposed letters and the like.
[5] And that’s just to make it easy to have a menu item pointing at them
[6] Assuming much the same as [2] and [3]

4 thoughts on “Un-Tag!

  1. Twisty

    I guess I was the only one who actually used your tags – handy for catching up on what wine is good, all Doctor Who musings, etc.

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