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Weight and Stuff Report – 8 June 2011

No change again today.

But, for a change, I decided to have a walk at lunchtime. I’d heard that work was progressing on demolishing the Spillers Flour Mill, and I wanted to get some pictures of that. I left the office with the 5D Mk II in my backpack[1] and walked down to the Quayside. I just took a couple of pictures in the usual places, as I wanted to get down at least as far as the mouth of the Ouseburn. Well, I got that far, and it started to drizzle a bit. That didn’t bother me or the 5D as we’re both moderately weather proof, so I moved on towards the mill. And as I walked across the open land approaching the mill, it started to rain properly. So, I decided that was enough, put the camera back in the bag and got one of those yellow buses back to Grey Street – I’d been planning to do that anyway, to maximise my picture taking time. I did get a few shots of the mill and some other things, which I’ll post later. In the meantime, here’s an advert:

Also Middlesbrough

Also Middlesbrough

[1] This proved to be a good move