Another minor adjustment

At the risk of giving a certain very irregular regular reader[1] a fresh excuse to complain, I’ve made another little tweak to the look of the site. Having had a deeper delve into the options provided by the lovely Suffusion theme, I found that replacing the rather dull plain text in the header with a logo was a quite simple matter of picking a few settings and uploading a file. I recently downloaded a font called Daniel which struck me as ideal for the purpose, apart from its slight lack of the characters needed to have the full title of Losing it[1]. Well, I thought about it, and decided that, given that the footnote reference used to point to some silliness that disappeared from the sidebar I no longer have some time in the past[2], that it was time to let it go. Anyone hoping that this means I’ll be giving up on the footnotes altogether[3] may be disappointed.

Oh, and in case I’ve redesigned the site again before you read this, this is the logo I’m talking about:


While I was fiddling, I used the Suffusion options to set the colour of the words that appear to the right of the logo[4]. I did have to edit the CSS to change the size and style of the letters, though.

Oh, and Tigger fans – Tiggercam has a similar new heading.

[1] Hi Twisty  :wave:
[2] Years. Probably 15,000 designs ago
[3] Yes, you[1]
[4] Randomly selected from a slowly growing list

4 thoughts on “Another minor adjustment

  1. Twisty

    Oh dear ghods, not ANOTHER adjustment!!! You change your website the way some people change their underwear; honestly, don’t people know they can go at LEAST 3 days before incurring health risks?!?!? Those footnotes, OTOH…you could ditch those entirely and no one would EVER miss ’em. :tongue:

    1. Les Post author

      I’m just a perfectionist, trying to produce the best possible experience for my readers. The footnotes have been an integral part of the Losing it experience since its beginning, so they certainly aren’t going anywhere.

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