Primeval – Series 5, Episode 3

After last week’s voyage to the bottom of the Cretaceous, we’re back on dry Victorian land this time. Yes, the opening scene-setting bit is set in London, 1868. The legendary Spring-Heeled Jack[1] is on the loose, as is a strange figure who looks like she’s auditioning for a Scottish Widows advert with added violence. By a not even remotely surprising coincidence, she turns out to be Emily, last seen at the end of the previous series when she and Matt parted forever[2]. Her husband Henry turns out to be not a very nice person at all[3] and is quite unpleasant to her…

At the ARC, Matt and Abby are plotting to find out what Connor is doing for Doctor Bashir, err Philip, on the grounds that Philip is obviously evil, what with that beard and everything[4]. Connor is being bamboozled by April, the “assistant” planted by Philip, which doesn’t improve Abby’s mood one bit.

So, with Connor busy working on something dangerous, it’s Beckett Becker[7], Matt and Abby who have some fun in an art gallery with a cute little raptor, which they manage to send back through the strange sparkly thing anomaly it popped out of. This proves not to be such a good idea, as the tracking wossname technology shows that the other end of the anomaly[5] turns out to be in, gosh what a surprise, 1868.

And in 1868, it would appear that the murders committed by Spring-Heeled Jack are in fact the work of the raptor, who I’m afraid I’ll have to refer to as Jack the Raptor from now on.

So Matt goes back, meets Emily, has fun with her husband and her husband’s hired thug, they all have more fun with Jack the Raptor, with all the usual running around, trying not to be eaten and all that. Matt and Jack the Raptor get back through the anomaly, Henry tries to shoot Emily who also goes through the anomaly, only to be followed by Henry, who after being confused by an annoying art installation is finished off by Jack the Raptor. Unaccountably, Beckett Becker shoots Jack instead of buying him a drink, but never mind. Emily decides that, contrary to her previous decision, she’s going to stay with Matt and the gang.

Back at the ARC, Abby uses the security cameras to watch Connor entering the code to get into his secret lab, then turns them off so she can sneak in and try to copy all his data for Matt to investigate. Naturally, she gets trapped in there when April messes up her cunning diversion plan of getting Connor to wait in the car park for her. But she manages to get out a bit later, only to be seen by Connor, who thinks she’s trying to get in, and gets a bit upset. He thinks that Abby thinks that Philip is some kind of SuperVillain[6], and that this is silly. Abby gives Matt the copy of Connor’s data…

And finally, we see what Connor’s been working on. By using lots of fancy stuff and shiny things, he’s made his own strange sparkly thing anomaly, which I’m guessing is going to lead to Very Bad Things. Indeed, it raises the question about where the apparently natural ones came from in the first place…

As ever, it’s delightfully silly, and enormously enjoyable. Complete nonsense, but good complete nonsense.

[1] Lots of folklore-y stuff about this character to be found
[2] For an arbitrarily “yeah, right” value of forever, of course
[3] Note: I may be employing my characteristic understatement thingy here
[4] OK, they might not have mentioned the beard, but come on…
[5] I’m trying to ration the sparkly gags
[6] At this point, I’m pretty sure he is
[7] :duh: :duh: Thanks for the correction, Sophie  :wave:

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