Daily Archives: Monday, 13th Jun 2011

Damn silly headline of the week

Nice to see that the Vulcan will be coming to this year’s Sunderland Air Show, which will be happening on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July. Less nice to see the silly BBC headline, and sillier article which refers to the delta-winged beauty being “used in the Cold War”, which sounds rather alarming. As far as I can recall, the only time Vulcans were used in anger was during the Falklands war…

But what’s altogether more disturbing is that both the BBC report and the actual Red Arrows display schedule suggest that we won’t be getting the usual highlight of the show.  :wah: :wah:

BBC News – Cold War Avro Vulcan bomber comes to Sunderland airshow.

Weight and Stuff Report – 13 June 2011

Back down again today in another random oscillatory wossname.

Today’s picture is of an early stage of the demolition of Spillers flour mill. I must go back and get some more, preferably without the rain interrupting me this time.

Coming down

Coming down