Ed Sheeran – The A Team, revisited

I mentioned Ed recently when he released a video of an acoustic performance of this song, which is the one that caught my ear when he was on Later with Jools Holland a while back. Anyway, the single is available to buy now from all the usual sources. It contains the standard version, some remixes and an acoustic take on the song, which I rather like. The picture on the left[1] will take you to Amazon, where you can get either the MP3 or round shiny thing[2]. You can also get it from the iTunes store, and actual record shops[3].

As I mentioned before, this is good stuff from a young musician with a lot of talent. And I’m all in favour of encouraging that sort of thing.

[1] Assuming you’re not AdBlocking it, in which case ignore that sentence
[2] You tell youngsters about those, and they look at you like you’re a relic from the previous century. I don’t dare mention tapes…
[3] Remember those?