No full series for Doctor Who in 2012

Update: See my later post for Mr Steven Moffat Sir’s response to this. Details still lacking, though.

Errr, what? Now this is getting confusing. Apparently the fourteen further Matt Smith episodes that the BBC have commissioned include this year’s Christmas special, which you’d expect to mean the usual thirteen episodes in 2012. But the latest reports suggest that we won’t be getting a “full series” next year, with some vague remarks about a special build up to the 50th anniversary in 2013.

So, what’s happening? Some scattered “specials” next year, and more of the same the following year? How does this make any sense what-so-bloody-ever? Doctor Who (despite what some of the more moronic newspapers might be trying to suggest) is consistently the most popular TV show that isn’t a soap opera or an untalent show. It’s exported to numerous countries. DVD sales are healthy. So what possible reason could there be for making less of it? The 2009 specials made some kind of sense, as it gave more time for the new production team to get things planned, and David Tennant had some theatre stuff to deal with, but there are no such reasons this time that I’m aware of.

More information, with varying levels of spin will no doubt come to light over the coming days and weeks, but I’m hoping to hear something a lot more positive than this.

The Doctor Who News Page: No full series for Doctor Who in 2012.

One thought on “No full series for Doctor Who in 2012

  1. Martin


    If, and I mean ‘if’ the shows producers or actors want time off to do other things, replace them, good grief!

    I would really like to know what the BBC is spending its money on….

    Less Doctor Who, less Spooks, and shows like Outcasts dumped before they have even started!

    Meanwhile the lifeless, ubiquitous and unimaginative TV shows seem never ending….

    It’s a shambles….

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