WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate – out now

WordPress 3.2 is now officially imminent. Nice word, that. Yes, it’s now moved form Beta to Release Candidate status, which means that barring any major issues cropping up in the next few days[1], there will be an official release quite soon.

This version features a major facelift for the admin interface, which I like a lot.

There’s a new default theme called Twenty Eleven, which has more configuration and tweaking options than Twenty Ten. Not enough to tempt me away from Suffusion, but it looks like a good choice.

There are some things to be aware of, other than the usual caveat about not running test code on live sites[2]:

  1. Your server needs to be running at least PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0
  2. The admin interface no longer makes allowances for Internet Explorer 6[3]

There is, of course, more. See the RC announcement, and click through from there to the Beta announcement for more details

WordPress › WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate

I’ve upgraded my super-secret[4] test site, and it looks like it works just fine. I may take the plunge here later…

[1] If memory serves, this may have happened in the past
[2] Unless you are really confident about your backups
[3] Quite apart from not wanting to encourage people to use the thing, this avoids lots of extra code. Good thing.