BBC News – Late and wrong about Doctor Who in 2012

After I quite unexclusively reported on BBC 1 Controller Danny Cohen’s remarks about Doctor Who’s apparent lack of episodes next year, it’s good to see BBC News catching up a day or two later.

Apparently Mr Cohen is of the opinion that Mr Steven Moffat can’t handle running Doctor Who and Sherlock as well, so he won’t have time for a full series next year.

Now if I’d heard that in isolation, I’d think it was a bit odd. But as I’d already seen Steven’s tweet on the subject:

Word of Moff

Word of Moff

I’d class it as a load of dingo’s kidneys, and it really looks like this whole thing may well turn out to be a prime example of management communication issues. It’s certainly a prime example of poor reporting – a properly written article, especially one appearing quite some time after the story broke, would have included more than a reference to a tweet…

BBC News – Sherlock’s success means less Doctor Who in 2012.