Oooh, an unbirthday present from Linode

Apparently it’s Linode‘s birthday today – they’ve been going for eight years, which is ages in internet time. I’ve been using their service since September last year and upgraded my package in May. It’s worked well for me, and I’m happy with the performance and stability.

Anyway, to celebrate their birthday, they’re giving all customers an extra 25% disk space – in my case, that’s an extra 8GB, which isn’t huge, but it does mean I can have more sites with more pictures, and not worry about running low on disk space for the foreseeable future. Increasing the size of my Linode was the usual trivial operation of clicking on the Edit button and typing in the new size. Job done, on the fly, with no interruption to service.

So that’s a happy birthday to Linode  :wave: and a happy unbirthday to all their customers[1].

[1] Apart from the ones whose birthday is today, in which case they’ve got an extra present. Cool.
Linode Blog » Linode turns 8; Disk space +25%.