Weight and Hair Report – 16 June 2011

Oh good, back down today, which I’m sure has more to do with having a bit of a walk[1] than something I did last night. You might recall that a few weeks back I mentioned that I’d been letting my hair grow a bit, and that I’d even paid an actual professional to attempt to tame it a bit. Well, after a few weeks, it all started to go a bit wrong, and I was beginning to look like an escaped Elvis impersonator, which meant that it was either time for another professional trim, or to face up to the fact that growing my hair long is just not a sensible option. I decided on the latter, and I’ve reverted to my more usual look, which will bring relief to some, happiness to others, and might make somebody[2] complain. Here’s the evidence:

Slight trim

Slight trim

[1] Details to follow
[2] Hi Twisty!! :wave:

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    1. Les Post author

      No, no – I tracked down that smiley specially for Twisty, who is notoriously the Wicked :witch: of all directions, including the ones that would make H P Lovecraft need a nice lie down.

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