Doctor Pooh!

Update: see the comments for links to buy your own Doctor Pooh shirt, and more

The generally informative and useful Doctor Who News Page alerted me to this a few weeks back, and even came up with a discount code.

Doctor Pooh

Doctor Pooh

Yes, it’s a t-shirt combining the worlds of Doctor Who and Winnie the Pooh in a copyright-ignoring and suitably tasteful manner. Where can you get one, I hear you ask. Well, you can’t.  :tongue:

The shirt is a product of a site I hadn’t previously heard of, Qwertee. They sell precisely one design of shirt at a time, with numbers of each design being limited to somewhere between their best guess of how many they can sell and the square root of an aardvark.[1] Designs are generally geek-friendly, and once you’ve signed up for the site, you can vote for which of the many proposed designs you’d like them to make. The designs with the most votes are indeed made, and offered for sale for two days. Each shirt costs a quite reasonable £8 plus postage, so you’re looking at around £10.50 or so in the UK.

Worth a look if you like your clothing geeky and full of science fiction references. There are a few designs that they’ve previously sold that I’d probably go for if they’re offered again, such as the relaxing Dalek in Procrastinate. And obviously, I’d have to get the Captain Tigger Harkness one – he works for Hundredacrewood, of course.

The shirt seems to be of reasonable quality – we’ll have to see how it looks after a few washes, of course.

[1] I may have got that bit wrong. You’d best check the site for yourself

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