A slight iBank wobble

It’s been a while since I last mentioned iBank, for the simple reason that it’s been doing its job quite nicely thank you. But I recently had a bit of a problem, which I’ll describe here in the hope of preventing other people from making the same mistake.

One of the useful features of iBank is the ability to set up future transactions so they can be automagically posted on the proper date. This means that you don’t have to remember to type in the details of recurring transactions every month, which is a Good Thing.

Anyway, my TV Licence renewal came through recently, together with the schedule of payments through to the end of next year. As usual, there is one installment that’s a slightly different amount than the rest, but that’s fine – you set that one up as a one-off, and create schedules for the rest. So I carefully created a new schedule for a recurring transaction, then saved it.

As the month drew closer to payday, I noticed that I seemed to have spent a little more than usual this month, and I was getting close to having to briefly dip into my overdraft allowance. I put this down to a couple of larger than usual variable bills and thought no more about it. Well, I thought no more about it until I realises that the bank thought I had more money than I thought I had, which led me to spending a great deal of time trying to work out what transaction hadn’t gone through the bank. Now I knew I’d matched the balance at the time of my last monthly statement, but going back that far drew a blank.

Going back further didn’t help either…

So, I decided to sort transactions by status so I could see the ones that didn’t have a tick (manually marked as cleared) or a whatever the heck it is symbol (matched with an actual statement). And there they were. Twelve payments to TV Licensing. All at monthly intervals. In the year 0012, which should not be confused with In the year 2525[1], much less the year 2012, which is when they should have appeared. Now I have to take most of the blame for not entering the year in full, but I do think that iBank might have pointed out that not only was I setting up a recurring transaction for dates in the past, but I was setting it up for long before anyone would be even remotely likely to be recording anything in their bank details…

Mutter. With a side order of  :duh: and a small dose of  :rant: I predict that the comments will contain a mixture of  :huh: and  :rofl: especially if  :witch: sees this.

[1] Slightly cheesy pop classic

One thought on “A slight iBank wobble

  1. Phredd

    Wow. Looks like some programmer neglected to set proper limits on the transaction window. IMO, that’s definitely something that should’ve been caught by the program when you entered it.

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