Weight and Stuff Report – 22 June 2011

Eh? What? How? When? Where? Whence? That’s the second unusually large rise in a row. And this time, I didn’t hear the scale chuckling in that evil way it does sometimes[1].

It’s been a bit soggy so far this week, so the camera declined to follow me to work again. So, for the next day or two[2], I’ll be reviving some older pictures. These are samples of the content of my Photobook, by the way. We’ll start with one of my favourites from the Sunderland Air Show a few years ago.

Flares are back in fashion

Flares are back in fashion

One of my most popular pictures on Flickr. Timed it just right to catch the flares

I just got the timing right, with the flares nicely highlighted against the clouds.

[1] Note: Scale may not actually chuckle. Writer may be making things up for humorous effect. Writer may also be bonkers.
[2] Or as many as it takes

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