Primeval – Series 5, Episode 5

Ooooookay. You know things are going to get interesting when the episode starts with a T Rex having a bit of a rampage in a city centre.

But while people are getting munched, much more important things are happening at the ARC. Lester, having been away, is having a catch-up meeting with the team, and he now knows that (a) Philip is Up To No Good and that (b) Matt is from the future. Or mad. Or both. Either way, he decides that they should stop Philip before he destroys the world, and has just about got everyone sorted out when Philip oozes into his office.

While Connor is assigned to distract Philip, Becker and Abby go T Rex hunting and Matt heads off to New Dawn to break Philip’s toys. Matt gets interrupted by a meeting with the T Rex, and has to sort that out first.

It’s more or less at this point that loads and loads of strange sparkly things anomalies open simultaneously all over the world. The secret, such as it is, is out. Philip doesn’t seem at all surprised by this latest development, and insists that Connor comes along to New Dawn for the next stage of testing. Connor mentions that this is what he’d worked out at the end of the last series, and which Philip had told him to forget about. Philip suggests that this was because he needed to focus Connor on working on his make your own anomaly toys…

While Jess does her coordination thing of getting all the teams we’ve never seen before[1] to go to various anomaly sites[2], Matt explains what’s going on. The phenomenon of “convergence” – squillions of anomalies opening at once is apparently a natural phenomenon, connected with magnetic pole reversal, and while it’s a bit nasty, it’ll all settle down and everything will be fine. What Philip is trying to do – absorb the energy of all those anomalies and close them down – is what leads to the blasted future world he comes from.

On their way to New Dawn, Philip and Connor have a slight run-in with a creature, crash the car. Philip, being a Proper Baddie, leaves Connor trapped, even after Connor tells him about Matt’s future. He’s not even bothered when Connor tries to use his zap gun, as he’d already removed the power pack…

Various members of the team have fun with assorted creatures. There’s the return of the mist-dwelling psycho-death worm things, a bit of reused footage of a mammoth on a motorway briefly seen on a TV screen, and Matt and Emily arrive at New Dawn to find that it’s got a nasty pterosaur infestation.

While Abby rescues Connor and they kiss and make up, Matt and Emily get into New Dawn only to be dragged out by goons[3]. The goons are distracted by the pterosaurs, and Matt and Emily are joined by Abby and Connor.

Lots of fun follows in New Dawn, with Connor getting to a terminal, being locked out, getting back in, reversing the polarity of the neutron flow accelerator coil, April and Abby having a nice chat, which ends with April being knocked off a suitably high platform to her apparent death by some quite annoyed pterosaurs.

Back at the ARC, Jess is having trouble controlling everything, but Lester helps out, pausing only to deal with a creature that dared to get onto his new car…

Matt and Philip have a nice chat about the potential destruction of the world. Matt is quite insistent that it’s Philip’s meddling that will bring about the death of, well, just about everyone, while Philip is equally insistent that his intervention will prevent all that.

Connor tries to shut the machine down, but Philip had expected that, and manages to fully activate it anyway. The home-grown anomaly grows rapidly, and Connor disappears into it.

And all over the world, the other anomalies close…

With one more episode to go, things should be even more interesting next week. We’ve got a nice timey-wimey problem here. Could Matt be horribly wrong? Could he, like the future soldiers in Day of the Daleks[4], be in danger of bringing about the future he’s come to prevent? Well, my guess is that Matt’s right, and Philip is wrong, given that Philip was working with Helen Cutter, and last time we saw her, she was trying to prevent humanity from ever having existed, which leads me to suspect that her motives in this may not have been entirely benign…

So far, there’s no indication of if, never mind when, Primeval will return – I suspect this will very much depend on the ratings when it’s shown on ITV later in the year. But at least this time, we’ve been promised that it won’t be going out on a cliffhanger like series three did.

It’s been good fun so far, and I hope it does return sooner rather than later.

[1] Budget, etc
[2] Despite them being all over the world, all the interesting ones seem to be close to Dublin London
[3] That’s one level below “henchmen” on the villain pay scale, I believe
[4] Coming to DVD later this year, yay