Olympics take control of 2012, apparently

BBC News reports that the organisers of some sports thing[1] happening in London[2] next year seem to have taken it into what I will loosely describe as their “minds” that they are not satisfied with merely having the generally accepted control over the Olympic logo, and having the right to stop people associating themselves with the event without paying arbitrary sums of money[3]. Oh no. It seems, if this report is to be believed, that they are also under the impression that they own the number 2012. The organisers of an art event that’s been planned for quite a long time, and which will be happening in 2012, want to call it The Great Exhibition 2012, which seems reasonable enough, assuming it’s quite a big show and it happens in 2012.

But something called Locog, which is apparently not an alien in a long-lost old Doctor Who episode, but the organisation responsible for organising the 2012 Olympics isn’t at all happy about it. They are, it’s reported, threatening legal action if the Exhibition doesn’t drop the “2012” from its name.

They cite a bit of dodgy sounding legislation, which if it continues to be interpreted the way they’re suggesting, could lead to a lot of trouble for anyone selling calendars for next year. Or for books about the world allegedly ending. Or indeed anything else mentioning the year.

It’s traditional when confronted with this kind of thing to say “you couldn’t make it up”. Well, you could, but nobody would believe it. Details with quotes from both sides in the BBC report:

BBC News – Great Exhibition ‘faces London 2012 legal action’.

[1] I’m told it’s called “the Olympic games” and that people who like that kind of thing think it’s important
[2]With random bits also taking place in other parts of the country
[3] Official fizzy drink of the Olympics, official snack food of the Olympics, official you name it of the Olympics, etc, etc

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