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Spillers Flour Mill Demolition – 29 June 2011

In a quite shocking outbreak of tuitness, here are some of today’s pictures of the four mill demolition job. To get an idea of the scale of the job, take a look at the picture which shows one of the workers walking down the rubble pile…

WordPress 3.1.4 and 3.2 Release Candidate 3 – out now

There’s a new security update to WordPress 3.1.x which fixes a hole which would allow a user with Editor rights to get themselves higher level access. This kind of elevation of privilege attack is generally regarded as a Bad Thing. If, like me, you’re the only user of your WordPress site, then you’ll be less concerned about that particular hole, but there are some other security fixes, so it’s worth installing.

And for those brave enough to play with release candidates, RC3 is now available, and it includes the same fix.

Actual release of WordPress 3.2 should now be very soon – probably within the next couple of days unless something major breaks…

Full details and links from the official announcement:

WordPress › WordPress 3.1.4 (and 3.2 Release Candidate 3).

Lunchtime walk, 29 June 2011

I didn’t get round to checking on the Spillers Flour Mill demolition last week, what with the rain washing away all my tuits, or something. But as today started off bright and sunny, I took my camera to work and went for a walk at lunchtime. I was planning to walk along the Quayside, taking pictures as I went, finishing off at the flour mill and getting the bus back. Well, it all worked out apart from the bus thing. I just finished taking my pictures and was walking towards the bus stop, when the bus went past. Well, I didn’t want to stand around for ten minutes, so I decided to take a detour for some more pictures, then get the next bus. And so I took the pictures and quite nicely managed to miss the next bus, too. So I walked back to the office, taking my walk to over three miles, which is the most I’ve done for a while. Here’s the usual map:

Click the image to see a bigger version, or play with the interactive version at Gmap Pedometer.

Weight and Stuff Report – 29 June 2011

Mutter, up a wee bit today.

I had a bit of a walk at lunchtime, details and pictures will follow, subject to the usual excuses. In the meantime, here’s one more picture from my archive, taken hand-held on the Tyne Bridge one evening:

Express Service

Express Service

Nice bit of motion blur