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June 2011 Round-up

Well, that’s 2011 half over, which brings us that bit closer to 2012, when we’ll all be sued by the Olympics organisers if we mention the date, the Mayan calendar won’t actually come to the end of a cycle, but the world may end anyway as I’ll reach a Dreaded Age Milestone. But enough of the future, this is a post about the past, the recent past, in particular this month


Yeah, I’m really, err, losing it here, aren’t I?

June 1: 230.2 pounds (16 stone 6.2 pounds, 104.4 kg)
June 30: 235 pounds (16 stone 11 pounds, 106.6 kg)

Difference: a quite shocking rise of 4.8 pounds (2.2 kg). The only good thing is that it’s a couple of pounds lighter than last week’s shocking peak


Yeah, been doing a lot of that.


Just a couple of lunchtime walks, and a distinct lack of walking to work. I blame my Kindle for making me want to read on the bus instead of walking.


Not quite such a Posting Frenzy as last month, but including this post, the total is 85, which is still quite a lot of stuff.


Not so much photography as last month, but I’ll be making up for that in July.

Weight and Stuff Report – 30 June 2011

And back up again today. Bother. And my knees have been making it quite clear that yesterday’s lunchtime walk was not at all to their liking. Mutter.

But anyway, here’s a picture from that walk. This is part of one of a series of slightly bonkers temporary garden thingies that are springing up around Newcastle. There’s the Grey Street Garden around the Monument, and this one is called Quayside Seaside. There’s more of it, but it was hiding behind a fence, so I’ll have to go back when it’s finished:

Quayside Seaside

Quayside Seaside