Primeval – Series 5, Episode 6

And so we come to the end of this run of the revived Primeval. Connor, having been swallowed by Philip’s home-brew anomaly, has found himself in the blasted future landscape that we’ve seen before, and as before, it’s occupied by those lovely predators. It also comes with the bonus of toxic gas clouds and some really funky lens filters. Connor is overcome either by the toxic gas or the yellow haze, it’s hard to be sure which.

Back at New Dawn, Matt fights off Philip’s goons and meets up with Abby and Emily. After a brief discussion, Matt goes to rescue Connor, which he does but only because Abby follows him with her zap gun. The three of them hide in a convenient underground shelter while the toxic winds, predators and VAT collectors rage outside. Err, hold on. I may have imagined one of those. Matt explains that their present predicament is what New Dawn did to the Earth.

Talking of New Dawn, things aren’t quite going to plan there. The anomaly is growing rapidly, the whole place is shaking, and everyone is running away, apart from Philip who’s trying to convince himself that this was exactly what he was expecting. Weird cloud thingies start to gather over New Dawn, and some kind of electromagnetic pulse knocks out communications, shuts down the ARC, and generally breaks things. Oh, and in the ARC lab, Connor’s ickle baby anomaly opens all by itself.

Becker heads to New Dawn, and meets the rest of the gang who’ve just managed to escape being eaten by the predators, who for some reason don’t bother chasing them. Philip belatedly realises that he was used, conned, tricked and manipulated by Helen Cutter, who apparently was planning to destroy the world all along[1]. He decides to stop being the panto villain and do a manual self-destruct of New Dawn, sacrificing himself in the process. New Dawn soon goes boom, but it seems that the anomaly no longer needs the machine running to keep it open, so it hangs around getting bigger and more destructive. Fun.

After a bit of chat, it’s decided that as Connor’s anomaly was made using a prototype of the machine that made Philip’s humungous one, then the two anomalies must be the same, so err, look, the doubletalk didn’t really make this very clear. But the idea is to, err, collect Connor’s anomaly and introduce it to the big one to see if they hit it off. Or something.

The gang head back to the ARC, where they learn that not only is Connor’s anomaly open, but some predators have, err, squeezed themselves really small, come through it, and reverted to normal lethal proportions. And they’ve managed to mess up James Lester’s shirt. And cut him open a bit, but that’s a minor problem for a man like him…

While Abby and Emily deal with the predators, Connor and Matt head to the lab where they, err, wrap the anomaly in a magic box[2]. Connor explains that one of three things will happen:

  1. The crazy plan works, and everything’s fine
  2. Nothing at all will happen, and the big anomaly will carry on destroying everything
  3. It’ll make 2. happen quicker

Matt does the heroic bit of driving into the big anomaly with the little one. Lots of fun things happen, but the main one is that the anomaly closes. Gone, never to be seen agan. Of course, Emily is a bit upset about Matt apparently being swallowed up in a space-time wossname, but she’s relieved when he does the proper hero thing and walks out of it. This is, you might think, a bit of a temporal paradox thingy, as he was only there because he came back from the devastated future which he’s just prevented, but maybe it’s another timeline. Or just wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

And so it all gets wrapped up nicely. Abby proposes to Connor (well, he’d probably never have managed to get the words out), Lester’s recovering nicely, and just as everyone’s thinking that maybe that’s the end of the anomalies, a report of something suitably weird comes in, and everyone gets back to work.

But just to make sure it’s not completely wrapped up, and to make sure there’s a hook for another series[3], there’s one more bit of weirdness. On his way out, Matt meets himself. A slightly more battered version of himself who tells him that he has to go back…

So there it is. Great fun, some entertaining plot holes to nitpick over, and a tidy resolution to the story that began in January. I’d like to see Primeval come back again, and the sooner the better. So far, I don’t think anything has been announced – I suspect it may depend on the audience figures achieved when series 5 shows on ITV.

[1] OK, this is a bit strange. When Helen first started getting involved, she was insistent that she had to stop Cutter and the ARC crew, because something they would do was going to destroy the Earth. She then decided to not bother and to prevent humanity from ever evolving, which seems like a rather drastic solution. Now we learn that prior to being finished off by a raptor in the deep past, she was plotting to create a McGuffin that would do exactly what she was trying to stop in the first place.  :dizzy:
[2] Well, they didn’t really explain how an anomaly could be enclosed in a container and moved, but never mind. Suspension of disbelief and all that
[3] Which I want. Now.

6 thoughts on “Primeval – Series 5, Episode 6

  1. Tal

    1) My theory about Helen and New Dawn is that she wanted it to do exactly what it did–blast out an EMP–only on a much grander scale. Wouldn’t destroy the earth itself, just modern human life as we know it. I think it was her failsafe plan in case her poisoning-hominids bit didn’t work out.

    2) They did. See episode 3×01. They even called it a Sun Cage this time, too.

    3) Totally.

    1. Les Post author

      Oh, yes! The ancient Egyptian anomaly-containing thingy. Just shows how bad my, err, wossname, thingy, doofus, memory, that’s the thing, is getting.

      Good theory about Helen, too. The other theory that she was just bat-guano sanity challenged.

    1. Les Post author

      Another series would be a Good Thing. Last I heard there was going to be a spin-off series based in North America, quite possibly Canada, which would presumably involve very polite monsters.

  2. Olivia buttery

    I love primeval :popcorn: but I really don’t get the end when matt meets him self and he tells him to “go back” :huh: any theorys ???

    1. Les Post author

      I think it was left as a mysterious hook in case there’s another series. I suspect the writers may not have worked out where it would have gone.

      Anyway, the spin-off Primeval : New World starts soon on Watch.

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