Stuff Report – 5 July 2011

Well, I’m now officially on holiday, and hiding in a secret location[1]. The Losing it scales declined to come along for the trip, well, to be honest, I didn’t actually invite them, given their recent rude behaviour, not to mention the fact that, oddly enough, they’re a bit heavy to carry around. So, until I return to base, these will be Stuff Reports without the weight. Except on any days when I forget to post them.

No fresh pictures yet – that should start tomorrow, so for today, I’d like to draw your attention to a site that came to my attention today. It’s a moderately new webcomic thingy that’s based on puns. And octopi ocptpussies octopuses[2]. Anyway, here’s the linky:


[1] Clue: in Wales
[2] Confirmed as correct by the OED. Octopodes is also correct.

8 thoughts on “Stuff Report – 5 July 2011

  1. Twisty

    Remind me never to trust you with my secrets. :wink: And have you paid attention to that second sentence? All that slowing down wore me out!

      1. Twisty

        I’m still shocked that such a grammar perfectionist and pedant would write something like that. It’s rather refreshing, though – I *like* it when you’re a naughty boy and break the rules. :bouncy:

          1. Twisty

            I’m pretty sure there’s an acceptable limit for the number of commas used in a sentence, and that “7” probably isn’t it. :lol:

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