Daily Archives: Wednesday, 6th Jul 2011

An unexpected win

I mentioned a while ago that I’d upgraded to Virgin Media’s TiVo. At the time, the price was £149.95, which I didn’t really mind paying. But since I got mine, they’ve apparently introduced a better deal, and people getting it now are paying £99.95. Now I wouldn’t have been that bothered – this sort of thing happens all the time with all kinds of services, and I just tend to shrug and get on with my life[1]. But reading between the lines of an email I received from Virgin today suggests that some customers have complained that other people are getting a better deal, and have complained.

So, to stop the complaints, or in a general fit of niceness, they’ve decided to backdate the lower price. So I’ll be getting a £50 credit on my bill. Nice.

Maximum customer service points to Virgin for this one.

[1] Such as it is

Stuff Report – 6 July 2011

Today, my brother and I set off for North Wales for our annual tour. We took scenic route, stopping off at the Elan Valley to look at some glorious scenery. The valley was flooded to create a series of reservoirs to serve Birmingham in the nineteenth century, and it’s all quite impressive, and I’ve got some nifty landscape shots, which will appear when I’m not on a 3G connection.

We also visited Barmouth, where I got some shots of the marvellous Barmouth railway bridge. Further photography there was cut short by the heavy rain.

We also visited Harlech, where the rain started getting aggressive, so I was limited to just a few pictures of the castle.

And finally, we reached our B&B. I’m sitting on a comfortable sofa in a remarkably large room, and so far I’m impressed. Quite apart from being a nice, clean comfortable room, I’ve got a decent signal on my Three MiFi, so I’m able to post this update.

Just one picture for the moment, of this lovely disused bridge I spotted at Elan Valley.

Disused Bridge

Disused Bridge

At Elan Valley