An unexpected win

I mentioned a while ago that I’d upgraded to Virgin Media’s TiVo. At the time, the price was £149.95, which I didn’t really mind paying. But since I got mine, they’ve apparently introduced a better deal, and people getting it now are paying £99.95. Now I wouldn’t have been that bothered – this sort of thing happens all the time with all kinds of services, and I just tend to shrug and get on with my life[1]. But reading between the lines of an email I received from Virgin today suggests that some customers have complained that other people are getting a better deal, and have complained.

So, to stop the complaints, or in a general fit of niceness, they’ve decided to backdate the lower price. So I’ll be getting a £50 credit on my bill. Nice.

Maximum customer service points to Virgin for this one.

[1] Such as it is

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