Stuff Report – 7 July 2011

The first activity of today was a ride on the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Yes, you can ride a train up to the top of Snowdon, all 1085 metres[1] of it. To get up the quite impressively steep inclines, the railway uses a rack and pinion system[2], which works very well.

For much of the ride up, we were treated to stunning views like this:

Going up

Going up

But as we neared the summit, the clouds closed in and the rain began to fall. Then the hail joined in. At the top, visibility was essentially nil, so we didn’t get to enjoy the incredible views that are available on better days. Still, never mind – we’ll be having another go, possibly next year.

After a quick lunch we moved on, calling at Bangor for a walk along the pier, which gets remarkably close to Anglesey, and then had a quick tour of Anglesey itself, which included not one but two lovely bridges, a castle, some scenery and a quick call to a certain railway station:



Then it was back to the mainland for a brief visit to Caernarvon for a lasagne in a pub before returning to our accommodation.

Full details and loads more pictures when I’m not on a 3G connection!

[1] 3560 feet, if you’re more comfortable with those
[2] Technical details from Wikipedia

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  1. Twisty

    My palms started sweating and I got slightly dizzy looking down into that valley! :eek: And is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch one word?!?!?

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