Stuff Report – 11 July 2011

After all the moving around over the last few days, it’s time for a rest day, so no exciting activities to report.

Here’s a nice old-fashioned looking cafe I spotted in Llangollen yesterday:

Cafe and Books

Cafe and Books

Errr, hold on a moment. Let’s take a closer look at that sign

Ye Olde Internet Cafe

Ye Olde Internet Cafe

Yes, it’s a genuine old Internet Cafe! Nice.

One thought on “Stuff Report – 11 July 2011

  1. keith

    pah, the internet has been around for ever[1]

    [1] not *nearly* as long as the person who this is directed to[2]
    [2] and her partner witch in crime[3]
    [3] Hi Kris! :)

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