Charles Stross – Rule 34

Oh, joy. Charlie Stross is back with a sort-of-sequel to Halting State, which I enjoyed when I read it a couple of years ago. We’re back in the adventure-game inspired[1], second-person, multiple viewpoint, confuse people who don’t pay attention mode which was such a distinctive quality of the earlier book, and I’d say that’s a Good Thing.

Once again, we’re in the semi-independent future Scotland, where technology continues to develop in interesting ways. Quite apart from the ubiquitous cybersapceish stuff, we see current 3D printers developing in quite interesting and often illegal ways. There’s fun stuff with public transport, too.

The main focus of the story is a series of extremely unconventional murders, intertwined with a very powerful organised crime syndicate, a newly-independent state with a shiny new Consul in Edinburgh, and an interesting AI project.

And that’s all I’m telling you. So there. Read it. Go on. Right now.

[1] At one point, there was a twisty passages reference   :rofl:

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    1. Les Post author

      I said interesting, not futuristic. The idea that passengers could place bids to get the bus to go where they wamt, specifically. The XKCD does fit in nicely with the book. I wonder if Randall’s read it….

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