Stuff Report – 14 July 2011

Well, here I am back home after ten days back home. If you see what I mean. While I’ve lived in the North East of England for about thirty years now, Wales is still home in a way that the area that I’ve made my home, and which I’m very fond of, somehow never will be. It always feels strange coming back to a place where the road signs are in only one language…

The train journey home was suitably uneventful, connections and seat reservations worked, and there was only a small delay in arriving into Newcastle.

Your picture of the day is this quite interesting sculpture of the poet Shelley, which can be seen outside the Elan Valley visitor centre. The reason it’s there is that Shelley owned a house in the valley which is now under one of the reservoirs. I didn’t know that before I went there.



2 thoughts on “Stuff Report – 14 July 2011

  1. Twisty

    Welcome back home to your home away from home. :smile: Congrats on the weight loss, too. I’ve lost 7 pounds myself, in the oddest of ways…I finally reached out to someone, had a nice long chat and a good long cry, and lo and behold, off came the pounds. Apparently keeping sadness, stress and pain bottled up inside really DOES weigh one down. :smile:

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