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Weight and Stuff Report – 16 July 2011

Who’d a thunk it? Down again today!

It’s a distinctly soggy day, with the rain varying between light and moderately heavy. Not “get you soaked in thirty seconds” heavy, but wet enough. That would be OK, but it seems the rain likes me so much that it doesn’t want to stay outside. So I’ve got someone coming to have a look at my roof tomorrow. What fun![1]

And in another shocking development, in an attempt to bully myself into getting some more exercise, I’ve added an extra line at the top of these daily report thingies. I’m making a gentle start with the exercise bike – five minutes yesterday[2], ten today, and who knows what tomorrow. Just leaving it on the lowest setting for now, to avoid upsetting my knees.

Here’s a picture from Llangollen

Flowerpot Men

Flowerpot Men

[1] Not
[2] That was after the additional exercise involved in getting down from the spare bedroom, of course