Weight and Stuff Report – 17 July 2011

Shock, horror, etc! Down again today, which is quite remarkable for a weekend.

I’ve just done fifteen minutes on the exercise bike, making sure to stop before it started to hurt.

It’s been raining cats and dogs, with the odd shower of elephants most of the day, but now the sun’s come out and everything is dring up, apart from the large puddles in the road.

Your picture for today is something I saw from the train going up Snowdon last week. Despite the minimal visibility, the wind, the mist and the very heavy rain, some people were walking down the mountain. Quite mad, but not as mad as the people we saw on the return journey, setting off up the long path wearing shorts and soft shoes. Some of them had umbrellas, though. They were obviously well-prepared…

Crazy People on Snowdon

Crazy People on Snowdon