Les does the science fiction geek happy dance

Ok, first I just have to say this:  :tigger:

Following on from the recent announcement of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, about which I am moderately excited, comes even better news. Gollancz have announced a shiny new website – The Science Fiction Gateway, which will be offering what’s claimed to be the biggest digital library of science fiction and fantasy ever assembled. Quite apart from various forums and the like, the plan is to make thousands of out of print titles available as ebooks. The site will launch in the autumn with over 1000 books, building to 5000 by 2014.

This is, quite frankly, wonderful. In fact, I feel another  :tigger: coming on. You see, when I was a little proto-geek back in the 70s, most of the classics by Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov and the rest, not to mention lesser (but fun) stuff from the likes of E E “Doc” Smith, were in print and widely available in bookshops everywhere. Now, getting hold of those books can be tricky, to say the least. While you can search for used copies, you have to know what you’re looking for. Back when I was young[1] you could discover all manner of wonderful stuff just by browsing.

If the SF Gateway does even part of what it’s aiming for, it will be an extremely Good Thing. Details are in the press release available at the SF Gateway site.

[1] I was!!! Really!! I remember it – I think it was a Tuesday…