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Weight and Stuff Report – 21 July 2011

No change today, which is quite acceptable.

I was running a bit late this morning, so I ended up getting the bus to work, boo.

But I did get back on the exercise bike this evening for another twenty minutes, yay.

Today’s picture is of some wild water at Llangollen.

Wild water

Wild water

WideMail and Lion


In an entirely expected development, Dane has announced that WideMail will not be available for OS X Lion, on the grounds that Apple have caught up and provided a proper wide view in Mail.app.

The new Mail looks just the way I want it to without having to fiddle with column headings or add-ins, so I’m happy with that.

WideMail made the difference to me between Mail.app being annoying and very usable. Thanks to Dane for all his work on that over the years.

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