Weight and Stuff Report – 24 July 2011

Down by quite a big bit today, which will more than likely turn out to be one of those random fluctuation thingies that will adjust itself tomorrow, but for now I’ll accept it as a Good Thing.

I’m having a generally relaxed day catching up on some of the classic Doctor Who DVDs that have been released over the last few months, but I did just do twenty minutes on the exercise bike while enjoying the last episode of Terror of the Autons.

Your Sunday picture is this intriguingly corroded structure at the end of Bangor pier:

Bangor Pier

Bangor Pier

2 thoughts on “Weight and Stuff Report – 24 July 2011

  1. alf stone

    I know you have been to visit the land of your fathers but come on let’s have some pictures of your adopted home. Did you ever get any photographs of the aeroplane when it was in the park or was that too early for you about 1990?

    1. Les Post author

      I remember the plane well, but if my memory is correct, it disappeared before I took up photography…

      Lots more pictures of Wales to come, local service will resume when I get a chance to get out and about with the camera, which I haven’t managed since I’ve been back…

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