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Weight and Stuff Report – 26 July 2011

Mutter, up a bit today, but I won’t let it annoy me.

Once again I lacked the correct level of organisation to walk to work, but I did walk home, stopping off on the way for my NHS Health Check, during which I was informed that I need to lose weight, which I obviously knew, and that my Cholesterol is apparently a bit high, which I didn’t know. Some further adjustments may need to be made, it seems…

And despite having been disturbed by a phone call[1], I managed to do my regular twenty minutes on the exercise bike.

Your picture for today[2] is of a catering establishment to be found at the lower end of the tram line up the Great Orme at Llandudno. Nicely silly name, I thought.

Fish Tram Chips

Fish Tram Chips

[1] Hi Twisty!
[2] Galleries and such will follow once I find the tuits