Weight and Stuff Report – 28 July 2011

Hmmm. Up a bit today in another of those fluctuation thingies. Either that, or the scale is playing silly buggers again. Might be time for an upgrade or at least a replacement, though that will no doubt lead to confusion as any new scale will be calibrated differently, so there could be an even bigger change in the recorded figures, or something. I’ll have to give it some thought.

I walked to work again, getting quite warm on the way, again remembering to get Runkeeper to record my progress. I took the Canon 5D Mk II with me today, as I wanted to check the progress of the Spillers Flour Mill demolition. And quite remarkably, I did indeed go for a walk in that direction at lunchtime. I took a different route back to make it a bit more interesting, though the route wasn’t quite as interesting as Runkeeper claims it was. Contrary to the map thingy you’ll see if you click that last link, I did not have a quick dip in the Tyne. It just shows that the positioning thingies on the iPhone aren’t as accurate as a dedicated GPS unit, but never mind, it’s close enough.

Having done all that, I decided to get the bus home, and I don’t plan on getting on the exercise bike this evening. Slow build up is the way to go…

I’ll show off some of today’s pictures when I’ve had time to look at them, so for now, here’s an owl:



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