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Weight and Stuff Report – 29 July 2011

I finally decided that the scale was getting a little too random, so I bought a new one today. As expected, there was a difference of opinion between the new and old ones, but as the new one is an altogether more substantial device and is shiny and new, I’m inclined to give its result more, err, weight than the old one’s[1]. The fact that it came up with a slightly lower number is purely coincidental. Really.

After yesterday’s extra walking, I decided to take a break today and let myself get the bus to work. So there.

Today’s picture is one from yesterday lunchtime – some boats reflecting quite nicely in the Ouseburn, where it joins the Tyne.

Ouseburn Reflections

Ouseburn Reflections

[1] Not to be confused with any Lovecraftian Old Ones, of course