July 2011 Round-up

What? Another month gone already? These things need to slow down a bit! But the last day of the month means it’s time for the monthly report thingy, which saves you the trouble of reading all the daily nonsense. Of course, you could save yourself even more trouble by not reading this either, but what would be the fun in that? Anyway, on with the show.


Hmm. Having been alarmed at the start of the month, when my weight peaked at 237.8 pounds (16 stone 13.8 pounds, 107.9 kg), which is nearly three pounds higher than the alarming weight that got me started on trying to lose weight back in 2003, I’ve been working on this a bit, with these results:

July 1: 236.2 pounds (16 stone 12.2 pounds, 107.1 kg)
July 31: 228.2 pounds (16 stone 4.2 pounds, 103.5 kg)

Difference: a frankly quite impressive drop of 8 pounds (3.6kg). That’s near enough two pounds a week, and over half a stone in total, which is pretty good for one month. I doubt I’ll keep up that rapid rate, but it’s a good start. Another thirty or so pounds should do it…


Well, I’ve been a good boy, for the most part. No sausage rolls, less eating overall.


Well, there was a wee bit of walking when I was in Wales, and for the remaining ten working days this month, I walked in five times and walked home twice, which is quite a lot by recent standards. I’ve also done no less than eleven sessions on my exercise bike, which isn’t bad considering I didn’t start until halfway through the month.


What with being away for nearly two weeks, I didn’t get quite so much posting done this month, so the total is 57 including this report. Unless I get the mad urge to post some more stuff later, that is.


Took lots of pictures in Wales, now I just need to get myself organised and sort them out and show them off.

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