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Weight and Stuff Report – 1 August 2011

No change today, which is quite acceptable, thank you very much.

I walked to work, but at home time my knees were making rude noises, so I decided to get the bus back. This turned out to be a good move, as it started to rain when I got to the bus stop. Shortly after I got on the bus, it began to seriously pour down. If I’d been walking, I’d have been somewhere on the Tyne Bridge and thoroughly saturated.

After a cup of Earl Grey and a sit down, I managed twenty minutes on the exercise bike.

Today’s picture is of a boat parked[1] by the Quayside last week:

Free parking

Free parking

[1] Note: boaty people may have another word for this. They may not even call themselves “boaty”

The truth about hacking

An excellent perspective from xkcd:

xkcd - click for more

xkcd - click for more

I have this vague wish that just once, a TV or newspaper report might get this sort of thing right for once. I expect to happen jut after Lord Lucan rides into town on the back of a unicorn…