Daily Archives: Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2011

Weight and Stuff Report – 2 August 2011

Shock horror, etc, down a wee bit today.

I walked to work again today, and I’ve just done another twenty minutes on the exercise bike.

Today’s picture is of the Spillers Flour Mill, which is gradually being reduced to a pile of rubble:

Trouble at Mill

Trouble at Mill

Holiday 2011, Day 1 – Heading North on July 6

As I mentioned at the time, on 6 July my brother Geoff and I set off from South Wales for our holiday in North Wales. The gallery below shows the places we passed through on the way, starting in the Brecon Beacons, taking a break at the Elan Valley to dodge the raindrops and look at the man-made reservoirs, moving on to Barmouth, where we saw the famous bridge from the other side than we did last year, and finally to Harlech, where the rain started to get quite aggressive.