Holiday 2011, Day 2 – Heading up Snowdon on July 7

On July 7, we had our first full day in North Wales. After an early, and excellent breakfast, we set off for Llanberis and arrived in good time to collect our booked tickets for the Snowdon Mountain Railway. The trains are small, and the trip is very popular, so booking in advance is definitely the thing to do, even if it does mean you can’t decide to go on a nice, clear sunny day. As it happened, the day in question was a wee bit wet, well very wet, to tell the truth. But the ride up was interesting, with lots to see on the way up, until the weather closed in, the rain started, then the hail started and visibility was reduced to seeing vague shadows outside the train.

At the top, there’s a cafe and visitor centre which opens directly off the platform, and from there you can take the short walk to the summit of Snowdon, but given the conditions, we decided to stay in the cafe! After a short wait, the train took us back down again.

It’s a good trip, and we’ll more than likely have another go next year, in the hope of getting a clearer day. But enough about that, here are the pictures, which give at least an impression of the ride.

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